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Design Services

All designs are prepared by our Professional Engineer.


Site Design

Site plan, that renders the existing and design conditions, typically includes topography, drainage, flood plains, wetlands, waterways, buildings, structures, signs, parking spaces, walkways, driveways, traffic circulations, utility services, lightings, etc. Site plan is a development plan of one lot or more lots on which is shown information that may be reasonably required in order to make an informed determination pursuant to an ordinance or regulations. 


Septic System Design

Septic system is an individual subsurface sewage disposal system, and its design considerations usually include presence and depth of limiting zones, sewage volume, soil characteristics, soil permeability, surface drainage, topographic slope and waste type. Our design will also accommodate ground access for maintenance and servicing.


Construction Design

Construction Plan is a drawing with sufficient clarity and detailed dimensions to show the nature and character of the design to be performed. Our site construction design contains foundations, structural frames or pavements. The design can be expanded to include calculations, cross sections, elevation profiles, footing excavations, graphics, pavement systems, wall assemblies, and other applicable requirements. In addition, a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control plan may be required when the construction has large disturbance.

We drive for excellence. Our standard designs include necessary aspects of health and safety. In addition to our standard code-compliance designs, we offer fee-based advisory services as a consulting freelancer, and further include other design considerations for economical cost, constructability, aesthetics and sustainability.

Environmental engineering services of our consulting freelancer include channel modifications, engineering and institutional controls, PA/SI/RI investigations, permit applications, Phase II site assessment, remediation for CVOCs and petroleum products, underground storage tank closure, wetland delineation and mitigations, and other regulation compliances. 

Shoen Engineering is a certified DBE, MBE and SBE. Based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), Shoen Engineering provides three Professional Services: 541330 Civil and Hydraulic Engineering services, 541620 Environmental Consulting services and 541614 Logistic & Integrated Supply Chain Management services.  

Civil and Hydraulic Engineering

Shoen Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in the preparation and submission of site plan approval applications to local authorities, as well as in the presentation at public meetings and hearings. Specifically, Shoen has prepared site plans and construction details for projects eligible for the construction of residential houses and commercial buildings.

• Site design services: site planning design for development, improvement, lighting intensity, redevelopment, sewage disposal, stormwater drainage, traffic circulation, and utility supplies.
• Support designs: Construction details, soil erosion and sediment controls, contamination engineering controls, and code compliances.
• Construction management: provide the services of a construction manager as agent/advisor (CMa) in an advisory capacity to assist the owner with design constructability reviews, documentation compliance, estimating, scheduling, value engineering recommendations, work conformance observation, etc.  

Environmental Consulting

Shoen also has extensive knowledge and experience in environmental land use and remediation approval applications to the State, EPA, and other applicable environmental agencies. In particular Shoen has substantial expertise with projects involving regulated land, modified channel, and contaminated site.

• Land development services: land use regulation compliance and mitigation for flood hazard areas, riparian zones, wetlands, open water, and other regulated lands.
• Modeling for watershed non-point and point source pollution and groundwater plume.
• Site remediation services: asbestos abatement, engineering and institutional controls, environmental permit applications, mold remediation, PA/SI/RI investigations, radon measurement, remedial actions for petroleum products and chlorinated VOCs, and underground storage tank closure. 

Logistic & Supply Chain Management

We are not only Professional Engineer and Environmental Professional, but we also have decades of experience in international trade, logistic and integrated supply chain management.

Consulting & Freelancing are our professional services and we are here to assist you whenever the project becomes complex and tedious.