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Inspection Services

Real estate inspection for residential and commerical properties


Home Inspection

Home inspection includes the readily-accessible elements of the following system components of a residential building: structural, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, ventilation, interior and fireplace. In addition to the building, our report will include general environmental setting such as the likely presence of flood hazard area, wetlands and known contamination.


Commercial Inspection

Commercial inspection that we performed is based on the guideline of Property Condition Assessment (PCA), which is a professional inspection of a commercial property through the identification of physical deficiencies, deferred maintenance and an estimation of the minimum ongoing reserves required to maintain the current usage of the property. 


Environmental Inspection

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) is a standard practice that we utilized to perform a non-invasive inspection into the current and historical uses of your real-estate property; to identify the presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on, in or at the property, and to determine an indicative release from on-site or off-site source.

Real estate inspection will ensure safety . There are many instances where an evident past repair reveals a health and safety risk. The most seemingly minor issues can turn into a major disaster. The issue could have been, for example, a plastered crack in a foundation that can lead to structural instability or the possibility of radon buildup; a water-leak mark or an unusual smell can mean that there is excessive mold growth on the premises; a curling shingle can call for roof replacement; a pealing old floor or damaged insulation can expose occupants to asbestos; a cut-off pipe can indicate a buried leaking oil tank, and a discolored ground can signal land contamination. If any one of these issues come into sight, then those using the property are in possible danger, while those who sold it could meet with some serious financial and legal ramifications.

Understand your investment

Buying or selling a house or commercial property can be one of the most rewarding dealings made in a lifetime. 

Yet no matter how attractive a property may seem on the surface; achieving a higher understanding of its actual conditions before making an investment is crucial to the protection and security of your investment.  

Additional inspections and testings

We offer fee-based additional services, which can be conducted by customer's request to clarify some uncertainties or to comply with regulatory requirements. Our additional inspection and testing services include, but not limited to: asbestos containing material, flood map amendment, indoor air quality, lead based paint, mold growth and clearance, plume monitoring, post-excavation sample, radon gas, septic system, soil gas, soil percolation, soil sample, structural issue, subsurface evaluation, termite and wood destroying insect, vapor encroachment condition, water and groundwater samples, well aquifer, wetlands delineation.

Protect your property

A professional inspection is one of the wise investments you can make when buying or selling your house or commercial property.

Contact our inspector for the facts, details and information you need that will help you to avoid costly mistakes before making any real estate transactions in New Jersey. Let us assist you in keeping your property safe and help you avoid surprises that would lead to costly ramifications.